Webcast June 5 2014

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Jason is our in house Project Management Expert and will appear in many of the future webcasts.

Mr. Jason Tratch, CEO EcoLibra Systems Inc.

Mr. Jason Tratch is CEO and Owner of EcoLibra Systems, a company that delivers modular wastewater treatment 

and water recovery solutions. Areas of specialization include: municipal sewage for small scale, de-centralized 

communities, remote locations/camps or developments.

Mr. Tratch has international business experience within a wide range of organizations such as small, new start-
ups to multinational blue chips. Mr. Tratch provides clients with a competitive advantage through his passion for 

people, process, cutting edge technologies and an extensive network of alliances. Mr. Tratch is certified in Market 

Entry Strategy (FITT), Project Management (PMP), Quality Management (ISO 9000

Series), Auditing (ISO 9000), Process Management (Six Sigma), Journeyman Carpentry and Wastewater Treatment. 

He is recognized as a leading expert in Management Systems and Project Management. Mr. Tratch has direct 

work experience in: construction, mining, education, health, financials, technology, agriculture, manufacturing, 

telecom, retail, biotechnology, and real estate. Examples of cultural environments also worked in include: 

extreme remote fieldwork, first nations and multicultural, technology R&D, government, private, university, and 

nonprofit. Mr. Tratch holds two degrees in Biology and Agriculture and is a Professional Agrologist.


• Started, managed and owns several companies to maximize synergies between specialized groups with a 

singular focus on water recovery technologies and water business intelligence

• Formed a conglomerate group of companies to provide increased specialized expertise in products and 

services in a compressed time frame with tremendous flexibility (multinational business group)

• Developed full scale management systems for all aspects of the business within multiple industries

• Grew market share and established new greenfield offices within international markets

• Developed and implemented a quality management system for a billion dollar mine site

• Identified, built, launched Project Management Offices and Portfolio Management Systems

• Developed and automated management monitoring, control and reporting for the strictest policy, 

regulatory and legal environments

• Created business maturity development strategies and management maturity indices

• Managed technology, general business, mining and construction projects (exceeding $1 billion)

• Delivered globally recognized publications through conferences, lectures, and seminars

• Lead and managed organizations through mergers/acquisitions & monumental change

• Coached, mentored, trained organizations in numerous types of industries and cultures

• Managed large teams in the midst of crisis, severe conditions and extreme environments

• Delivered projects that integrated multiple software, databases, applications & systems

• Started a product distribution company to sell agricultural products and consulting

• Developed construction project management seminars, training books and programs

• Developed and taught educational courses for Colleges and University at Masters level classes

• Produced new business prioritization systems for financial institutions with revenues over 1 billion

• Managed and developed enterprise software applications (ERP) across multiple platforms

• Managed and delivered numerous information technology systems to enable business processes

• Delivered strategic visioning, planning, organizational consulting for diverse companies