PM Weekly Webcast July 31 2014

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This week Darren Cannell talks about the similarities between the stages of online courses and a virtual office and how Project Management can be used to make them successful.

PM Weekly Webcast

     Darren Cannell  B.Phed., H.B.ME., B.Ed. M.Ed. Doctoral Candidate

• recognized as a leading global expert in knowledge transfer, online education and training, learning management systems and Project Management. He has taught for decades and has designed, developed, operated and maintained brand new (start-up) entire online schools, courses, organizations and associated programs, alliances and partnerships. Mr. Cannell is one of the few online Social Media experts that have had an active, globally followed blog and web presence for over 12 years. 

• in the final stages of defense for his PHD in Distance Education through eLearning and Teaching Online and has Honours and Masters Degrees in Education. He is sought after as a leading speaker for business and education conferences, seminars and seminars related to online knowledge transfer, training and education architecture, design, development and operations. He has achieved leading online educational certifications such as: Certified WebCT Expert and Certified WebCT Train the Trainer. He is recognized continuously with local, national and international awards and has written for some of the most prestigious online educational and training publications.  
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