Key Benefits

PM Course Benefits & Advantages 
 Description   NexLev Course Benefit 
Convenience Online courses available from any web browser or mobile device, at your own time, at your own pace

Considerably lower cost then Classroom courses in addition the savings of travel and continuous periods of out-of-office time

PMI (Project Management Institute) Backed This course meets the requirements if you want to challenge the PMI certifications. If you already are a PMP, then it gives you PDUs to help maintain your certification
CCA (Canadian Construction Assoc) Backed The course content is backed by CCA and aligns with Gold Seal Program (points).

History/References Course content has been highly successful and taught for over 10 years

Course Author Mr. Jason Tratch - globally recognized as a leader in PM, systems & business, an advanced manager, coach, mentor and trainer/educator, unmatched passion, energy & willingness to share

Customized Methodology & Philosophy


Aligns & incorporates multiple global leading PM Methodologies (E.g. certified PMI, ISO 9000, Six Sigma, FITT, ANSI, Journeyman), plus custom PM approaches (developed over past decade from multiple expert PMs), crosses over cultures & focuses on collaboration, adaptive management, communication & formalized Knowledge Areas

Weekly Live Classroom Webcasts

Weekly access to live virtual classrooms where people discuss course topics, listen to guest speakers & support each other, E.g. attendees: past/present students, teachers, guest experts/PHDs, business consultants, authors, education experts, PM experts, NexLev employees, etc.

Gamification  Concepts & methodologies that follow professional, global best practices in gamification, backed by PHDs and experts active in the Gamification profession
Course Input From Multiple Experts

Course includes content from multiple experts (links, videos, tools, etc), since PM can be done via many perspectives & approaches (no magical single solution)

PMI Experience  Author and instructors managed many projects (in the real world) for decades, using and evolving the PMI & other methodologies, incorporated real world learnings into course content

History Of Course Content

The curriculum has been taught by Mr. Tratch since 2003 and has evolved and improved based on feedback from students, other PMs, experts & educators

Software Platform

Built off the leading online training and education software platform (learning management system) called Moodle

Functionality  Multiple levels of functionality built into the design of the course (e.g. hotlink glossary, study box, hints, links, rich media/videos, humour, blocks, activities, assignments, dynamic tests, assessments, questions, badges, games, sequencing, etc.)

Communication Forums
Announcements, forms, email, forums, chat rooms, blogs, teacher questions, webcasts, telephone, collaborative lounges and social networking, etc.

University & College Quality

Follows Professional Education and Learning methods, designed by specialized Educational Experts (Universities & Colleges embraced & use courses as part of their programs) 

Customized Learning Approach

Designed on leading edge learning management system with innovative development and design interfaces, ensures customizable usability & can be adaptable to your style of learning
Interactive Tests

Take tests over and over again, since they will change each time you take them, enhances learning and retention (tests are also well balanced throughout with assignments, games & exercises)

Direct Impact  delivers a conceptual overview at first (understand PM as a system) then dives into detailed tools, techniques, templates and knowledge that can be immediately used in your field of work (tangible tools)

Hosting (IT) Partnerships

NexLev partners have decades of advanced, professional history and reputation in hosting and supporting online educational programs & schools for Public and Private Organizations, Associations, Governments, Universities, etc.

NexLev Courses are endorsed by such organizations as: