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Project Management Fundamentals (PMF)

Course Title: Online PMF (Project Management Fundamentals) Course

Introductory Price: $248 (courses with comparable content cost $500 & up)

Note: if sales prices are available, please contact an Agent or contact NexLev

Audience:  All people involved in a project (all levels) 

This course was designed to provide an understanding and a basic set of tools and techniques for people that work in a project environment.  The course is based on the PMI framework ( which is the most globally accepted PM Methodology.  After this course you will have an understanding of the project lifecycle and project management. You will understand how a project can be delivered following a formalized, structured approach.  The approach taught has been used to manage projects in personal every-day lives to managing 100 million dollar advanced, high risk projects. The Course delivers concepts, methods, definitions, check lists and practical knowledge that can be put to work immediately.


Supporting details include:

 Course Outcomes: align with global best practices in modern day project management
 Accreditation: approved by PMI (
 Professional Development: 8 hours of formal training (e.g. PDUs or Credits)
 Course History: over 10 years taught at Private Companies, Universities, Government, etc.
 Framework: based on PMI`s PMBOK (most followed & accepted methodology in the world)
 Design & Delivery: from leading experts in the field of interactive online education & training
 Online Flexibility: take it when you want it, from where you want it, just need internet
 Pace: take the course as fast as you want, review, progress & understand at your own pace
 Duration: estimated time to complete is 8 hours
 Live Webcasts: weekly access to experts in PM & other business practices


Value: Understand a consistent approach, language and method on how a project is managed.  All stakeholders of a project will be “on the same page” so they can have consistent expectations on how the work will progress in a projectized manner.  The approach will be structured and based on best practice methodologies followed around the world. Immediate value is ability to leverage work for future projects, improve communication and collaboration, reduce duplication, reduce conflict and increase project reporting capability.